Sunday, June 10, 2012

Design Help Needed: Help me spice up this garage window!

Friends - I need your help to spice up this ugly ass window on the garage that is the backdrop of one of my gardens. This picture doesn't accurately reflect that the siding in this picture has a yellow tint to it.

I'd like to paint the window a bright, kind of crazy color that really draws attention. I hate the brown trim so I'd like to paint that, too. I am also open to painting the trellises which are on the sides and possibly adding shutters. On the other side of the garage there is a door that is currently white metal along with another window exactly like the one pictured here. I'm open to painting them, too, although they are only the backdrop to our small basketball court.

Suggestions I've gotten so far have been orange and/or teal. I like both these ideas.

If this was your garage and you wanted to make it as whimsical as possible without looking gross, what would you do? Please leave me a comment to let me know. I'm no good at this stuff but would love to complete it, this summer. Thank you in advance for all your awesome suggestions.