Friday, September 11, 2009

Planting Bulbs Helps Support Our Community Garden

Besides gardening at my own house this summer, I've also helped get Forest Park Community Garden up and running and gardens are flourishing there as I type.

We're still raising money to have water access at the community garden. Our plot renters have hauled water in jugs throughout the summer and we are committed to fix it so that they don't need to do that next year.

If you are planning to buy bulbs this fall, please consider ordering them through our fundraiser with Flower Power. 50% of what you buy will go directly to the community garden. This fundraiser runs through 10-23-09.

If you do make a purchase, please visit my blog next spring and let me know how your bulbs are doing. We can compare notes - I'll be planting them, too.

To shop for bulbs through our fundraiser please go here