Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I'm sitting here in shock that 2008 is nearly over. It never fails that I get to the end of the year and feel disappointed by my inability to keep whatever stupid resolution I've made and my lack of progress on whatever project I planned, but didn't finish.

But I realized today that I've actually accomplished quite a bit this year.

Here's the 2008 low-down:

The Good

  1. We built a new pergola and got a new patio
  2. I grew stuff from seed, indoors and outdoors
  3. I had the poodles removed and expanded the front yard garden
  4. I composted!
  5. We got approval for a new community garden
  6. Got a new bike and still knew how to ride it
  7. I grew Heirloom Tomatoes for the first time
  8. Got two paying writing gigs

The Bad

  1. I still have crap sitting on my patio that has frozen and thawed a dozen times by now, including my precious big ass purple flower pot
  2. I didn't plant a single bulb
  3. Never got the bathroom remodeled (seriously, the floor is gonna fall in eventually)
  4. Didn't get that Hybrid car
  5. The humongous Romanesco Broccoli never bore a single fruit
  6. The cherry tree died in the patio pot
  7. GB and Pie Guy left me
  8. I did not attend the first ever Garden Blogger's Spring Fling and am living to regret it
  9. Submitted a piece of writing to a magazine and got rejected
  10. The expletive landscaper ripped out my 2nd year strawberries, and a few other valuable plants, was not remorseful, and was subsequently fired

The Ugly

  1. Squash Vine Borers, the bastards!
  2. Mice in the garage from the Corn Gluten fertilizer
  3. A tree fell on the house (but now my front yard is full sun instead of mostly shade, so technically, this one could be on the good list, too)

How was your 2008?

edited to include links that I meant to include in the first place but accidently hit "publish post" instead of "save as draft". Sorry, folks!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gardening Magazines, Still Fashionable

2008_0601image0040 Even though I spend a huge amount of time (seriously, like enough to earn a degree, grow a child, cure world hunger...) on the Internet reading gardening blogs and even though most great gardening magazines now have great gardening magazine websites (like this one, and this one), I just can't give up actual magazines. There is something about those glossy garden pictures. No matter where I go, I can stuff a magazine in my bag, and I don't have to wait till we're at 10,000 feet to read it.

This Christmas, two of my favorite gifts were Mother Earth News (MEN ha ha) and Fine Gardening. I love Mother Earth for the great information and its low-fluff, and Fine Gardening, well, I'm just a sucker for those does-anybodies-garden-really-look-like-this garden pictures.

The worst thing about me and gardening magazines is separation anxiety. I can't make myself throw them away! I blame my grandmother! But, this fall when my magazines got really out of control, I made myself create a few file folders to keep individual articles and toss, give away, or recycle the rest of the magazine. Most of my keeper articles so far fit into three categories, DESIGN, HOW-TO and ORGANIC PEST CONTROL.

If you have a gardener in your circle, consider giving a magazine subscription the next time you're trying to think of a great gift. Even in 2009, we still love them. And, as corny as it sounds, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks, Santa. I love you!