Thursday, November 6, 2008

Temporary Housing

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Sorry about the bad quality of these pictures. 

Above on the left is the little Tamarisk that I ordered from EBay and received back in March.  On the left is the Purple Smoke Bush, also ordered from EBay.

These little twigs sat in pots on my patio all summer long because I never decided where they should be planted.  The twin to this Purple Smoke Bush died on that patio.  (RIP, Smoke Bush!)

My indecisiveness gets on my nerves!


Since I had an opening in the rose garden because of the 4 Pink Simplicity Rose bushes that didn't make it through last winter, I decided to plant them there, just until next year when I really must decide where they should go.  Otherwise, can you picture what a big Tamarisk and a big Smoke Bush would look like there in that narrow 2 foot bed?  YIKES!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008