Sunday, January 13, 2008

Operation Winter Sowing Is Underway!

The good news is that I finally got off my ass and did it! I have to be honest - winter sowing was not very fun. I had to fill the containers in the basement since it was too cold outside. What a mess I made in the Garden Cave.

I have no clue if I did this right. I used a box cutter to cut slits towards the tops of the containers for air circulation and in the bottom for drainage. Then I cut them open leaving the hinge thingy like Trudi's site says. Next I put dirt in, threw the seeds in there with some water, then taped them together with duct tape. One thing I do know for sure is that 23 containers was not nearly enough. I need at least 23 more.

Here are a couple of notes about my first try at this:
Milk containers suck! The plastic is thinner which makes it harder to work with.
Hinckley Springs water containers work best - already clean and the plastic is thick and sturdy!
2 liter Diet Rite bottles work nice but they are small - narrow.

Do I water these things regularly or what?
How much longer can I start these containers? I need more time to save more bottles!

Friday, January 11, 2008

I've Been Kidnapped By Aliens!

OK - so I'll spare you the corny story I was thinking of writing about that exotic alien gardens in hopes it would excuse me from being a garden blogging slacker. I've been busy! Sorry!

Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen???? It's a Mini Tomato plant in a bag! The bag contains soil and seeds. According to the directions it'll grow right in the bag. This is exactly what I needed to bring me out of my garden funk! It was a gift from garden buddy. Is she the best???

In other gardening news, I still haven't done my winter sowing yet. If you haven't seen the news we've had a bit of a heat wave in Chicago over the last week. I was planning to do my winter sowing last weekend but then saw that it was over 60 degrees outside! I could just see myself crying over my seedlings that sprouted and died when they refroze, so I decided to wait. I'm vowing to get that done this weekend. I'm running out of time!

I've found that I'm viewing this winter heat wave completely different than I ever would have in previous years. Instead of being all "YAY IT'S WARM!" I'm all "holy shit what about my bulbs??? What if they think it's time to come up???" Gardening sure can be stressful.